About us

Meet the Team

Anahita Nayebi

Co-Founder, CEO

Anahita Nayebi, (born December 10, 1987, in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian dancer, instructor, and choreographer of Iranian Classical and Folkloric Dance who utilizes dance as a therapy for her students.

She started Dancing at 17 years old with Ballet, and afterwards Focused on Iranian Classical and Folkloric Dance. She is the founder of the Hoor Dance Team, established in January 2020 in Toronto, Canada. 

Anahita Studied Graphic Design. In additing to Restoration and Conservation of Monuments in Iran. She is also Roqe Media’s Graphic Designer and Video Editor with the nickname of Talented Anahita.

Nika Jamshidi

Executive Assistant

My name is Nika Jamshidi .I am an undergraduate student in biomedical science program. I’ve been dancing ballet since 2014 , after a while I found that I am interested in learning different Persian dance styles, so, I joined Hoor dance team in 2020. I believe that dancing has a great impact on body and mind that gives you confidence and a sense of freedom.

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